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Title: Add unicorn emoji to logo
Description: User story

As CEO, i want to see unicorn in our logo

Acceptance criteria [generate with AI]
2️⃣ Brainstorm ideas
Get extra ideas how to realize the task from your personal brainstorming assistant
Title: Add button to main page that shows 2 unicorns

Description: Brainstorm to formulate requirements for feature

Brainstorm ideas [generate with AI]
3️⃣ Understand tasks
Get a clear description of the task without further questions to the manager
Title: BUG: Animation doesn't work on refresh

Describe a bug for a developer [generate with AI]
Acceptance criteria
- Add unicorn emoji to logo at the bottom right corner.
- The emoji should be a colorful, cartoon-style unicorn facing to the left.
- Design should be fun and appealing to both children and adults.
- Make sure the unicorn emoji is easily visible but does not obstruct any essential parts of the logo design.
Brainstorm ideas
The button should be visually appealing and easily identifiable on the main page.

Clicking the button should trigger the appearance of 2 unicorn images on the screen.

The unicorn images should be high-quality and colorful.

The unicorns should be animated or have some sort of motion to make the feature interactive and engaging.
Describe a bug for a developer
To reproduce:

- Open the webpage with the animation.
- Trigger the animation to play.
- Refresh the webpage.
- Notice that the animation does not work after the refresh.
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